10 reasons to feed your dog with insect proteins!


  1. An important source of protein

Unlike beef and poultry which have a rate of proteins respective of 40% and 31%, against 60% in insect meat.


  1. Insects are hypoallergenic

Insect is a naturally hypoallergenic meat and is perfectly adapted to sensitive dogs who have food intolerances or skin problem.


  1. There are a lot of good nutriments in « these small beest »

Naturally rich in lauric acid and omega 3, 6 and 9, vitamin B complex, iron and calcium only good things for a steel health !


  1. A meat consummate altogether.

Contrary to flours of meats in industrial dry food, insect can be consumed by 80 to 100%, almost all thus no wasting but also a total preservation of its benefits.


  1. Insects are very easily digestible for your doggies !

It use the larvas in its entirety. The result : profiles of rich and diversified amino acids which compose the protein. As some chitin, a molecule which allows a better assimilation of nutriments and an easier digestion.


  1. Low-fat

Indeed the insect is poor in calorie, and consists of only 16 % of fats contrary to the other meats, perfect so that your doggie slims!


  1. Insects emit 100x less CO2

Insect’s breeding rejects only 0,0001kg CO2 for a 1 kilo of meat and does not emit methane or nitrous oxide.


  1. ... And consume 17 times less water

Insects consume very little water, 1 liter for a 1 kilo of meat. Only larvas need water, adults as for them content themselves with water of fruits and vegetables with which they are fed.

      9. And yes ! Insect is also a 100% natural recycling solution, insect feeding is made up solely of plant coproducts such as potato or beet peel from agriculture and not consumed by humans.

      10. Tasty !

Hermetia illucen have a unique taste and appealing smell. This added to the natural ingredients we use in our kitchen such as banana, beet and coconut is a recipe for success that will delight our pets !

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