How do we take care for our pets with osteoarthritis?

The humidity and cold are back, and so are the arthritis attacks.

Unfortunately, this disease, which destroys the cartilage of our four-legged companions, is the most common disease in dogs and cats. It mainly affects the hips and elbows.

The pain is accentuated when the weather is wet and cold. That's why we decided to give you some tips to relieve your dogs and cats in this autumn (and winter) period:

  1. Give him dietary supplements rich in omega 3 that participate in bone and muscle strengthening (psssttt stay tuned, our Mobility & Immunity health reward is coming soon on our website!)
  2. Relieve him by massaging him and gently stretching his limbs
  3. Make him play sports. Amazing, is not it? 

Be careful! This last advice is to be adapted to each dog, depending on his pain and the progress of his arthritis.
Moderate and regular physical activity can slow down the development of the disease.

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