How to choose the right kibble for your dog?

To choose the right kibble for your dog, you must take into account these TOP 5  parameters:

    1. His age

A puppy will need kibble rich in calcium and nutrients to grow well, while a junior dog will need rich kibble. These kibbles are obviously not suitable for an adult dog because it would make him gain weight

    2. Physical activity

 A diet rich in protein is best for dogs that are very active. On the contrary, a dog with little physical activity will need a diet rich in fiber and low in calories. 

    3. His size and weight 

A large dog will need kibble that is large and thick enough to encourage him to chew his food. If a large dog eats kibble that is too small, it will swallow it without chewing and this will cause digestive problems.
On the other hand, if a small dog eats kibble that is too large, he may choke!

    4. His breed

Some breeds have a predisposition to food intolerance or allergies, so it is important to look at the composition of the kibble chosen.

    5. His health

Your dog's health comes first! His diet must be adapted to his nutritional needs and his health, which is why we encourage you to ask your veterinarian for advice.

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