In autumn the cold weather returns... and so do the ticks!

How do you deal with ticks, shedding and humidity this fall season?

We're here to help! Here are some tips to help your dogs and cats get through this pivotal time of year.

     1.  Brush your pet regularly
For dogs and cats alike, we recommend arming yourself with your best brush to remove excess hair before a good bath.

     2.  A bath before winter to help them lose their summer hair and make room for the winter hair, denser and longer

For dogs, we have THE solution! Our 100% natural solid anti-parasite shampoo with neem oil and tea tree oil.

This product will not only help your dog shed his hair but our solid shampoo also works as a flea and tick repellent!

     3.  Use natural tick repellents and check your pet's coat regularly



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