A serene summer with Entoma PetFood

We have selected 5 tips to allow you to enjoy the summer with your dog

The arrival of summer means for many people : heat, beach, sunbathing. But for our dogs, it means : fleas, ticks, heat stroke or even burns to the paws.

So how to spend a summer with your dog in complete serenity

     1. Adapt his walking schedule. Give preference to early morning or late                   evening walks.

     2. Prefer walks on grass or dirt paths. 

Remember, if the ground is too hot for your hand, it will be too hot for your dog.

     3. Use an anti-parasite shampoo like our vegan solid shampoo.

     4. The action of the anti-parasite shampoo can be completed by a flea and             tick collar (preferably natural 😉).

It is very important to maintain your dog's coat. The coat acts as an insulator for the dog. You should never shave it ! On the other hand, in the hair are sometimes hidden fleas and ticks. This is why the use of a suitable shampoo is essential.

     5. Your dog should have fresh water available all day 

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