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  • Natural & Sustainable dog food
  • Natural & Sustainable dog food
  • Natural & Sustainable dog food
  • Natural & Sustainable dog food

Natural & Sustainable dog food

Natural & Sustainable dog food for all dogs breed
  • 100% natural
  • Vet-approved
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Rich in omega 3 and 6

  • Insect power

  • Planet-friendly
- +
  • 38%

    Insect protein


  • 60.5%

    Vegetables & fruits


  • 1.5%

    Vitamins & minerals



Dried insects (Hermetia Illucens), Gelatinised potato, pea starch, animal fat, pea protein, sweet potato, brewer’s yeast, minerals, flax seed, salmon oil, inulin (source of FOS), dried carrot, nettle, Echinacea, dried tomato, dried apple, dried mango, dried prunes, dried banana, thyme, basil, spirulina, cranberry, celery, water

Bigger dogs? Bigger bowl! (gr per day)

Super tiny dogs (1-5kg) 30-100g
Small dogs (5-10kg) 100-180g
Dog-sized dogs (10-20 kg) 180-300g
Big dogs (20-40 kg) 300-510g
Super big dogs (40-65 kg) 510-735g
Giant dogs (>65 kg) 10.5g/kg

Analytical Constituants (in %)

FAT 12%
ASH 6,5%
OMEGA-3 0,3%
OMEGA-6 1,90%
ENERGY 342 Kcal

Nutritional additives (per kg)

Vitamin A 18000IU
Vitamin D3 18000IU
Vitamin E 500mg
Taurine 1000mg
L-carnitine 50mg
Yucca Schidigera extract 200mg
Cupric sulphate pentahydrate 10mg
Cupric chelate of glycine hydrate 5mg
Zinc sulphate-monohydrate 100mg
Zinc chelate of glycine hydrate 50mg
Ferrous sulphate monohydrate 70mg
Ferrous chelate of glycine hydrate 35mg
Manganous oxide 50mg
Manganese chelate of glycine hydrate 25mg
Calcium iodate anhydrous 2mg
Sodium selenite 0,1mg
Contains natural antioxidants Contains natural antioxidants

Our recipe



Dried insect

Dried insect

Rich in protein, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and naturally rich in omega 3&, minerals and vitamins it will bring to your pet energy and support to his immune system



Pea protein is almost a near perfect protein of essential amino acids, plus pea protein provides additional vitamins, minerals and fiber that a pet needs in its daily diet



Cranberries contain a variety of bioactive components, including antioxidant and allergic acid. Its improve your dog's bladder health, reduce tartar and helps for the health of urinary system

Spirulina (algae)

Spirulina (algae)

This superfood is an excellent source of protein, B vitamins, and essential fatty acids which boost your pet immune system

Beer yeast & flaxseed

Beer yeast & flaxseed

together with salmon oil we have created a complex that will help hydrate his skin and give a shiny coat

Let’s explain why insect protein

10 reasons to switch for Entoma PetFood

  • 1


    Insects is the most sustainable animal protein source and we are engaged to source localy and use eco-friendly packagings

  • 2
    Formulated by vets

    Formulated by vets

    Veterinaries and nutritionists are formulating all our recipes

  • 3


    With our grain free and insect protein formula it is adated to sensitive pets having food allergies

  • 4


    To help them digest better and reduce allergy symptoms

  • 5
    Rich in amino acids for its energy!

    Rich in amino acids for its energy!

    Insects are richer in protein than conventional meat and contain naturally essential amino acids to pets

  • 6
    Lots of omegas 3-6-9: anti-inflammatory

    Lots of omegas 3-6-9: anti-inflammatory

    All our formulas contain naturally omegas 3 & 6

  • 7
    Minerals: magnesium and potassium

    Minerals: magnesium and potassium

  • 8
    Recipe with high fiber content for its intestinal comfort

    Recipe with high fiber content for its intestinal comfort

  • 9
    Vitamins E, A, C and D for his balance

    Vitamins E, A, C and D for his balance

  • 10
    GMO Free

    GMO Free

they tested the recipe

  • “On préfère manger bio, alors Entoma, c'est un bon plan.”

    Christina Muller
  • “On préfère manger bio, alors Entoma, c'est un bon plan.”

    Christina Muller

Vets answers to your questions

Insects have a protein content of more than 60% (compared to 40% in beef), they contain essential amino acids and unlike meats from industrial farms, insects have the 10 amino acids essential to dogs (Lysine, methionine, trytophan etc.) including the taurine that is essential to them, which makes the insect a source of protein of excellent quality for our animals. Entoma recipes are therefore perfectly adapted to cats thanks to its formulation that respects all the nutritional needs a cat needs, and finally, our formulations have been created with specialized nutritionists and veterinarians
Just gradually add the Entoma kibbles to the old kibbles before moving on to the Entoma kibbles entirely. The first two days you must obtain a mixture of 80% old kibble and 20% Entoma then the 3rd and 4th days, go to 50%-50%, the 5th and 6th days, mix 80% Entoma and 20% old and finally go to 100% Entoma kibble. You will find all these recommendations directly on our packaging
The insect protein we use is black soldier fly (hermetia illucen) is the best alternative to industrial meats such as beef, poultry or fish. Insects have many nutritional advantages and, unlike more traditional meats, their production requires far fewer natural resources, such as water (1L of water to produce 1Kg of protein compared to 15,000L of water for beef), releases far fewer greenhouse gases (100 times less than cattle farming), does not emit methane and does not require pesticides
All ingredients in Entoma recipes are natural ingredients without chemical preservatives, colorants, artificial flavors and GMOs. In addition, insect feed is composed solely of recycled plant by-products such as potato or beet skins from the agricultural industry. There are also no chemical preservatives added to our Entoma recipes, however, to preserve food we use antioxidants from natural plants
Carbohydrate intakes are not delivered by cereals and oilseeds such as wheat but by ingredients such as potatoes, sweet potatoes or legumes (such as peas). Cereals and protein-rich oli are commonly used in industry to substitute animal proteins with vegetable proteins such as corn and soybeans, which are less expensive but also less rich in essential nutrients found in animal proteins. In addition, the world production of these cereals costs the environment a lot (to produce 1 kg of wheat it takes 590 litres of water and almost 3 times more CO2 than to produce 1 kg of legumes). By choosing insect protein, Entoma promotes the ecology and nutritional quality of these kibbles to ensure that your dog is doing well. In addition, some cereals, such as wheat, are less digestible than leguminous ingredients for our dogs. Entoma's grain-free recipes increase the hypoallergenic character of our kibbles in order to offer kibbles for sensitive and allergic dogs. It is recommended by veterinary nutritionists not to include cereals in the diet of our dogs
The composition of Entoma insect based and grain free kibbles reduces the risk of allergies caused by processed products because the insects do not contain the common allergens found in most industrial kibbles. In addition, insect protein is a new protein that is not usually consumed by the animal, this novelty significantly reduces the risk of allergies related to this protein