Lockdown is often a sign of change.

Why it's healthier to feed your pets with insect based foods :

  1. First of all, insects have been a natural part of your pet's diet since time immemorial.


  1. Insects are a real energy concentrate, they are rich in protein, vitamin B, Omega 3, and minerals.


  1. At Entoma Petfood we use whole insects, which allows us to restore the diversity of proteins and acids in our food.


  1. Insect proteins, which have short chains of amino acids, are also easier to digest.


  1. They are also much more environmentally friendly: The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has stated that consumption of insects is one of the most serious ways to ensure global food security. 


  1. Indeed, on average, it takes 6.8 kg of feed to produce one kilogram of beef protein, 2.9 kg for pigs, 1.7 kg for poultry, 1.1 kg for fish. Whereas for one kilo of protein, only one kilo of insect based feed is needed! 


  1. In addition, insect farming consumes less water and produces low greenhouse gas emissions: about 100 times less than conventional livestock farming.


  1. Finally, insects can feed on organic waste, which they will transform into high quality protein. They thus contribute to waste reduction by consuming only potato or beet peelings! 


And if you didn't know it yet, Entoma PetFood kibbles have as their only source of protein: black soldier fly larvae meal for dogs and mealworms for cats.

As you can see, insects have irreplaceable nutritional qualities for the health of your pets while having a minimal ecological impact, thus contributing to the protection of the environment.


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