Which wellness routine for my dog?

To feel good in his paws, your dog also has the right to a beauty routine.

     1. A bath every 3 months approximately 
Bathing your dog is very important for his well-being and for the health of his skin. The bath allows to eliminate all the foreign bodies hidden under the hair and to decrease the itching.

Additional benefits can be added depending on the shampoo chosen. At Entoma PetFood, we offer 2 types of solid shampoo, vegan, 100% natural and 100% biodegradable:
  • A moisturizing solid shampoo with coconut oil and aloe vera gel to moisturize your dog's skin and take care of sensitive skin
  • An anti parasitic solid shampoo with neem oil and tea tree oil

     2. Cut the nails every 2 months 
Just like us with our nails, it is important to trim your dog's nails to prevent injury. Indeed, a too long claw can hurt the pad of your pet.

     3. Cleaning the eyes and ears
This act should not be done too often, but when your dog's eyes or ears run, it is important to clean them with a suitable liquid.

Attention: your dog's ears should be cleaned by massaging the ear canal once it is filled with a liquid specially designed for this purpose. If this seems unusual, consult your veterinarian.

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