Lockdown = spending time at home!


  1. The famous "Treasure Hunt": collect your pet's favorite toy or treat and show it to him. Hide the object in the place of your choice and then come back to your dog and ask him to get it. 
  1. A hide-and-seek: give him/her the order not to move and then with a treat, go and hide. Once in place, call your companion. He will have to use all his skills to find you! 
  1. Create a "Fishing rod" for your cat: take a stick, a cord and a ball (aluminum, small pine cone, wool...). Then, move the rod to make him run and jump!
  1. The hat: have 3 cups and a treat/kibble. Once your dog is attentive, place a treat under one of the three cups, mix them together and wait to see your dog's reaction.
  1. Obstacle course: collect chairs, cushions, etc. Then, create a small obstacle course for your dog.

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