5 benefits of insects for your animals and for the planet

  1. Insects are good proteins for the health of our animals: indeed, insect based kibbles are rich in protein to provide everything your pet needs from a nutritional point of view. Rich in amino acids, strong in omega 3, omega 6 and essential fatty acids, they are so many beneficial assets for the health of your dogs and cats. 

  2. Insects are very digestible to your pets. For example, insect meal is much more digestible than fish meal. 

  3. Insect protein is hypoallergenic for dogs and cats!

  4. In an ecological awareness approach, choosing insect based kibbles is to recycle food waste. Insects love food leftovers, so they participate in the fight against food waste.

  5. Insects are ecologically sustainable, they do not pollute the soil or waterways and their breeding emit little greenhouse gases.

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