It's springtime!

Follow our checklist to prepare your dog for this season.

1- Spring means the coming of flowers and pollen! After each walk, brush your dog and use the return of good weather to shower him so that he can lose his winter fur. For this, use our 100% natural solid shampoo for dogs with Tea Tree and Neem oil.

2- It is also the arrival of insects and other animals: we recommend a good anti-parasite treatment to fight against fleas, ticks and other external parasites such as mosquitoes, insects... 

3- Get back to practicing with your pets: your dog needs to be active and to have interactions with the outside world.

4- At Easter, chocolate is a tradition but beware of poisoning! Chocolate is toxic for dogs and cats, so be careful not to leave it near your pets. 

5- Lily of the valley is not always a sign of good luck! Indeed, everything is toxic in the lily of the valley, even the water of the pot in which it is found. Keep it away from your pets.

6- Check the medical information of your dogs and cats: protection against parasites, vaccines and up-to-date microchip.

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