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Our commitments

Entoma Petfood has always commited to feed your beloved pets with innovative natural & sustainable pet food and by using
different formulating and manufacturing methods, notably insects proteins as single source of animal protein in our recipe.
Why? Here is why!

Full of good nutrients!

The insects are naturally rich in lauric acid and Omega 3 & 6. These essential fatty acids will preserve your pet's immune system, reduce cholesterol and improve skin health.


The insects used by Entoma have a unique taste and appealing smell. This added to the natural ingredients we use in our kitchen such as banana, beet and coconut is a recipe for success that will delight our pets

Quality meat

Unlike meat meals where only non-noble butcher pieces are selected, at Entoma Petfood we use the insect in its entirety.


Just like humans, dogs are increasingly su!ering more allergies and food intolerances. This is even more common in breed dogs.

Natural & Local

We use only local natural ingredients when making our products. They’re not concentrates but fresh produce to create quality nutrition. You’ll never find in our recipes additives nor chemical preservatives.

But what about
the nutritional benefits of insects?

Health benefits

Real energetic concentrate, the insect is rich in proteins (60%), nutrients, fatty acids (omegas 3, 6 & 9), 8 vitamins found in the B complex, but also minerais: 100 g of our insects contains as much calcium as 6 glasses of milk and contains twice as much iron as red meat does. This new source of protein reinforces ours pets immune system without causing allergies!

Ecological impact

The production of insects requires
less water, space and animal feed
than beef, pork or chicken breeding. Basically, insect production emits 100 times less CO2 and requires 17 times less water. our insects are also free of GMOs, hormones and antibiotics


The protein that we use comes from whole insects, therefore rich in amino acids which compose proteins and grinded into pieces sufficiently small to reduce the time it requires to digest

...with a gourmet taste!

The insects used by Entoma Petfood possesses a unique taste and smell well appreciated
by the dogs. Delicate noses, rest assured:
for humans, it smells like nuts!

On top of that the natural ingredients of our recipes will add a tasty experience that will delight your pets.

To go even further, we use 100% recyclable packaging!

Let’s explain why insect protein

  • files/insects_394872b4-f4d4-4e9a-a5c0-2a3a79c84dd6.png

    Insect protein

    With a protein content of more than 65% (against 40% in beef meat) The insect we use in our recipe are black soldier fly larvae and mealworm and they are the most e"cient to strengthen the muscles of our four-legged loves and bring them the daily source of energy they need.

  • files/earth.png


    According to the UN, by 2025 1.8 billion humans will live in areas with an absolute water scarcity and 66% of the world's population is going to have water supply di"culties. With a yield of 1 liter of water for 1kg of protein, the insect is undoubtedly the most suitable solution to limit the water scarcity that lurks on our planet.

  • files/CO2_Icon_d2d7864a-f526-4e2f-8b15-2489224d9beb.png


    Today, livestock farming is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions, more than road transport. Insect cultivation emits 100x less CO2 than livestock and does not emit methane or nitrous oxide.

Here is a small comparaison of the other ecological benefits of the insect:

Protein content per kilo of dry matter


1 l


1 kg


15 m2

greenhouse gas emission

0,0001 kg

Resources needed to produce 1 kg of animal weight

Edible proportion per animal

Bottom line: insects = 60% protein level + Zero waste + An environmental impact almost null!

  • Since we have started

    2 446 845 kg

    Of CO2 emissions was saved

  • Since we have started

    22 689 621 L

    of water was saved

  • Since we have started

    2 530 403 m2

    of agricultural surface was saved


Great! And for sheer curiosity, insect breeding: How does it work?

  • files/mountain_1.png

    100% natural

    Insect feeding is made up solely of plant coproducts such as potato or beet peel from agriculture and not consumed by humans. Thus, the insect is also a 100% natural recycling solution.

  • files/footprints_1.png

    100% traceable

    The entire breeding cycle is controlled (reproduction, temperature, humidity, food...) to provide traceability and a perfect finished product quality.